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Physician Partnerships


“We offer our Physicians and patients the capabilities of a large company with the responsiveness of a small company.”

-Thomas J. Karl, CEO

Physicians Choice Dialysis is a physician focused operation that actively seeks to partner with physicians who want to expand their dialysis presence, have never been afforded the opportunity to share in the ownership of dialysis centers, or are frustrated by the lack of clinical quality that their patients are currently experiencing from existing providers.

Our company recognizes that each investment opportunity is unique, and as such we work with the physicians to build a business structure that meets the needs of the physicians.

Our Partners Include:

  • Nephrologists who participate in ownership and decision making
  • Local medical directors assisting in the design of clinical policies
  • Local and regional hospitals who partner in achieving quality outcomes

Potential Arrangements Include:

  • Physicians interested in exploring new center opportunities
  • Physicians looking to participate in ownership but are currently unable
  • Frustrated medical directors currently tied to “sub par” dialysis companies
  • Physicians focused on patient care while leaving management to us
We offer the Nephrologist the opportunity to share in the ownership of dialysis centers and to build a business structure that meets their needs.
Partnerships at Phy Choice