Ms. Kimberly Pfeffer – Reimbursement Manager

Ms. Kimberly Pfeffer, came to Physicians Choice Dialysis with over 22 years of medical billing experience. She acquired her extensive skills and knowledge base as the Patient Accounts Representative for Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. During her last 10 year tenure she was directly responsible for the management of accounts receivable for both in patient and out patient accounts. In 1997 she was afforded the opportunity to join Renal Treatment Center, Inc (aka DaVita) as their Senior Biller in the reimbursement billing department. In this position, she was directly responsible for all Medicaid and Medicare billing issues. Kim later accepted a position working directly with Tri-County Urology as their Reimbursement Manager / Billing Coordinator where she was directly responsible for all aspects of billing activities. The year 2000 brought Kim back into the Dialysis business as she joined Physicians Dialysis, Inc in the reimbursement billing department. Here she was responsible for all commercial insurers as well as the Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements. Kim came to join Physician’s Choice Dialysis in 2005 as our Reimbursement Manager where she directly overseas the entire billing department. She has been recognized as an exceptional member of our management team for her incredible “Days Out Standing” receivables where she and her team have placed Physicians Choice Dialysis above most competitors and other institutions in collections.