Health Plans

Part of Physicians Choice Dialysis® health care strategy is to provide quality and choice for you and your family. The company offers a comprehensive managed care medical plan.

Dental Plan

The Physicians Choice Dialysis Dental Plan is designed to encourage good dental health and help you with the cost of treatment.

Time Off

Physicians Choice Dialysis understands the importance of time away from work for your general health and well being. The company utilizes a Paid Time Off (PTO) program which accumulates hours bi-weekly. We encourage people to use their PTO to take time for themselves, for holidays, and for any sick days.

401k Savings Plan

This plan provides you with an easy way to save money for retirement. Physicians Choice Dialysis also provides a matching contribution and many fund choices to maximize your savings potential.

Disability Income Plan

Physicians Choice Dialysis offers optional Disability Income plans to provide income while you are disabled and unable to work due to short / long term illness or injury.